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Maggie Holder - Specialist Glass Artist in Hythe,Kent
Kent Artist Maggie Holder
Since retiring from Kent Social Service after 28 years, I embarked on my favoured career as a glass artist. Following 2 years studying at Canterbury College in Stained Glass, I attended several courses in the UK where I learned techniques in fusing and casting glass. I then ventured further afield, mainly to the USA, where I continued my education by taking classes with many eminent artists and over the course of 12 years, I have tried to develop my own style by incorporating different processes. My work includes cold worked, mixed media, glass and copper sculptures, mosaic on slate, wood, and various substrates, fusing glass using recycled material, and powdered glass. Each project teaches me about the infinite possibilities in glass art and the myriad of different techniques. The element of surprise every time the kiln is opened keeps me fascinated and helps in maintaining my undoubted enthusiasm.
I'm currently exhibiting with South East Open Studios with fellow artist Nikki Griffith, details of which can be found below:

Nikki Griffith Art

South East Open Studios
Mosaic Art in Hythe and Folkestone, Kent
My neighbour had several tiles left over following repairs to his roof, which he offered to me. This was too good an opportunity to miss and I used them as a substrate for what I call my 'slate series'. I have used glass globs, clay tiles, decorative slate (the kind you get in garden centres), and stones to make my abstract mosaics.

The Bling Set, size 7 shoes, hat and evening bag, were all purchased from a local charity shop. the shoes were new, cleary the killer heals were too high for the original owner. I treated the items with a hardener and applied the mosaic tiles.

The mosaic bowls are bamboo and the mosaic tiles were applied following a coat of P.V.A. I also use wood, mainly Ash as part of the mosaic sculpture.
Kent artists and sculptors, Hythe & Folkestone
So called, as the first piece loosely resembled a sail. I am fortunate to have a local glazier who supplies me with off cuts of glass. These I cut into rounds, strips or squares, I then cold work the edges depending on the size and shape of the off cut and then suspend the glass in the kiln over wire shapes that I have made. I love the drama of the piece, never knowing how they will turn out. Moving just one section of wire a few centimetres, can alter the shape significantly.
Local Hyteh & Folkestone artist, Maggie Holder
Kiln fused glass provides a wealth of possibilities for colour, design and texture. each piece has a unique feature for your space. They are made primarily by slumping the prepared glass over or into a mould, fired to a given temperature until the glass is softened and falls into the mould.
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This is a great way of using up scrap glass when left over from larger projects using clear glass is ideal for this project. Each light catcher has a wire attached ready to hang in the window, your garden or a site of your choice.
comission art in hyteh and folkestone - specialist glass art by maggie holder
I predominantly used Bullseye or Spectrum Sheet Glass when making drop vessels adding frit, powders and stringer to augment its effect. The technique involves leaving the centre part of the blank (between 4/6 layers of glass) to drop through a ceramic or refractory fibre ring, which forms the vessel. The ring is raised from the kiln floor using the kiln furniture. Following the firing process the vessel then has to be cold worked which requires cutting off the rim, grinding and sandblasting the vessel.